Radio Show For December,14,2013

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  1. sesay Reply

    December 15, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    Selam Ato Abebe,I did listen your interview with Nebyu SIrak and the situation is not easy.if we protest every time near Saudi embassy,it will be harder to those Ethiopian (500,000)who have got work permission in Saudi Arebia. Areb countries have no rule of law.these Ethiopian have got  may be one or two years work permission.It is better to solve it with diplomatic means. it is our problem,because if you go to bole airport every night,you will see how many of them move to middle east. if the government stop to Saudi Arebia, they will travel to Saudi Arebia through Yemen or Kenya. Those agencies use all means to send them to Middle East.after they reach in Kenya or Yemen ,they send them to Saudi Arebia or to different Areb countries.they are playing a chase game with government. one year ago it was allowed only traveller to enter  bole airport.  Because the airport was overcrowded. For airport officers to control all these people was not easy.the people move to those countries,because unemployment rate is very high.the school system is very bad.the do their final exam when they are 10 grade and if they don’t pass this exam ,they will stay at home and most of them are 16 or 17 years old(their options are either to go to Areb countries or prostitution a home)Ethiopia is not like will see their from Monday to Monday party(here in germany only friday and saturday) chat consumption very high(only in Tigray you don’t see a lot of people who use chat.they can consume only in special place not every where).alcohol consumption high,prostitution are very high.population is very much.Keep up this good work Have a nice day Sisay

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